Help for those affected by the "Roommates are just a pain" narrative..

Yes, roommates can be a pain. They can also be a lot of fun, great connections for your career, and a big help with the budget.

Roommate -- and housemate -- "Issues" certainly affect the roommates themselves. Less gain, more pain due to (mostly) unnecessary conflicts.

Others are affected as well: those who might otherwise truly enjoy the benefits of a "shared housing" arrangement. AND -- those who are providing or arranging these. Read More

It is the "Shared" in "Shared Housing" that leads many to think twice about roommates, housemates, and other kinds of shared housing arrangements.

Yet others love the social and community aspect while they benefit from the reduced expenses and expanded personal networks.

As The Roommate Coach, I believe I can help all of these groups, by helping to emphasize the benefits while promoting ways to minimize the difficulties that arise. Many, many veterans of shared housing will agree that the difficulties do exist -- and it is well worth the effort to figure out how to deal with them.

Here are some possibilities. Please if you believe -- or even just suspect -- that The Roommate Coach might be able to help you achieve your objectives.

  • Online sessions for customers, prospects
  • Online discussions, forums, social media etc
  • Create policies for dealing with roommate "issues"
  • Blog postings, columns, articles
  • Online classes for Resident Advisers and others who deal with conflicts among students
  • Coliving & other "group living' settings -- techniques for those dealing with issues

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Making the most of your roommate relationships!

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