The Roommate Coach is on the air

Brand new (September, 2016) radio station KZZH, 96.7 FM in Eureka, California has added "The Roommate Coach" to its lineup! Pearls of wisdom regarding making things work with your roommates come right through the air into your eardrums! It's amazing!

Episode 29: Local Homesharing Program / Group Interview, Part 1

Tuesday, February 20 2018

New homesharing program in Humboldt County: The Nest. Part 1 of a group interview w/ several homeshare agencies in N. California.

Episode 28: Plans for 2018

Monday, January 29 2018

Discussing plans for the coming year, including more interviews and working to promote homesharing locally here in Humboldt County.


Tuesday, October 31 2017

Introducing my new website: "Homesharing" is becoming more popular as a way to cope with the ever-worsening housing shortage, especially in some areas. This site will serve as a "focal point" to collect information that may be useful to everyone involved with homesharing, including the agencies administering the programs.

Episode 26: Interview, homesharing, part 2

Friday, September 22 2017

Part 2, interview with Dan Birmingham: homeshare program coming to Humboldt County CA. Issues, concerns some may have, possible ways to deal with these.
Area 1 Agency on Aging:
Dan Birmingham
(707) 442-3763
Senior Information Guide:

Episode 25: Interview, homesharing, part 1

Friday, September 1 2017

Interview: Dan Birmingham of Eureka (CA) Area 1 Agency on Aging and I discuss a "Homeshare" program in the works for Humboldt County. We discuss pros and cons, benefits and some concerns.
Area 1 Agency on Aging:
Dan Birmingham
(707) 442-3763
Senior Information Guide:

Episode 24: Homesharing

Wednesday, August 23 2017

Homesharing -- great idea, potentially major benefits to all concerned. I discuss some ways to keep things working, and some ideas about dealing with "differences" without making things worse.

And the next episode (#25) may actually include an interview with someone involved with this program locally.

Episode 23: Skepticism about Coliving

Thursday, July 20 2017

Searching for "coliving" recently, I came across an interesting article:

The author is pretty critical of a major new coliving operation in London. I discuss his viewpoint, along with some of my own thoughts. He brings up a rather creepy possibility that hadn't occurred to me, and that I hope doesn't become a reality!

Episode 22: Being a Great Roommate

Tuesday, June 20 2017

Recap: To HAVE a great roommate, you must BE a great roommate!

But what does this mean?

The Roommate Coach talks about being a great roommate -- and requiring the same from others. Simple, not always easy but simple. And effective.

Episode 21: About the Interviews

Thursday, June 1 2017

What I hope to accomplish with the interviews.

Episode 20: Interviews by The Roommate Coach

Thursday, May 4 2017

All about upcoming interviews, and website mods
Still working toward “world peace — one roommate at a time” but now working from a larger perspective.

New goal: to provide ongoing news, descriptions, interviews, etc for all the variations on housing — new ones that are being developed, as well as variations on existing forms that are becoming more popular.

Reasons for these changes:

1. Economic: rising population, housing stock not keeping up, weak job market. Expensive housing in big cities (where the jobs are).
2. Demographic.
3. Social: need for community and connection.

Episode 19: Recap

Tuesday, April 11 2017

Recapping original issues, as applied to “shared housing” formats

Most conflicts due to old stuff, “obsolete responses.”

Focus on yourself.
Objectivity is crucial; it’s really ok to acknowledge negative things about yourself.
Being the best rm you can be, and insisting on the same. But the control you have over this will vary:
Give the other person a reason to WANT to learn how to treat you well!
Visibility! One of the best things we can give each other.
Best advice: talk about what people need rather than what’s wrong with each other. Credit to NVC & Marshall Rosenberg for this, although I’d heard similar things years ago, e.g. Bach & “Creative Aggression.” Talk about yourself, avoid talking about the other person.

Episode 18: What does "shared housing" have to do with The Roommate Coach?

Friday, March 24 2017
Shared Housing Options, Part 3 -- Episode 17

Tuesday, March 7 2017

Part 3 of "Shared Housing for the 21st century." "Boomerang" kids. "Coliving." How "The Roommate Coach" might have handled San Francisco housing prices. Would "co-living" have helped me survive?


Shared Housing Options, Part 2 -- Episode 16

Monday, February 20 2017

Continuing "Shared Housing for the 21st century." "Boomerang" kids. "Coliving."

Shared Housing Options, Part 1 -- Episode 15

Tuesday, February 7 2017

Starting on "Shared Housing for the 21st century." This show discusses a couple of options for seniors.

"Multigenerational" Roommates -- Episode 14

Thursday, January 26 2017

Older / younger generations share housing? An idea that's been around a while may be catching on due to soaring housing costs.

Links from show:

French agency ( can translate the site)

Online book about above agency's experiences:

Plans for 2017 -- Episode 13

Monday, January 9 2017

Discussing plans and ideas for the coming year.

The Roommate Coach: Recap, 2016 -- Episode 12

Thursday, December 29 2016

Roommates and jobs: can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

The Roommate Coach: Great Roommates, Part 2, Episode 11

Friday, November 25 2016

Great roommates, part 2.

The Roommate Coach: Great Roommates, Part 1, Episode 10

Wednesday, November 16 2016

Great roommates! So much I had to break it up. This is part one.

The Roommate Coach:Background, Part 3 Episode 9

Thursday, November 10 2016

More on becoming The Roommate Coach.

The Roommate Coach:Background, Part 2 Episode 8

Thursday, November 3 2016

More on becoming The Roommate Coach.

The Roommate Coach:Background, Part 1 Episode 7

Friday, October 28 2016

Early origins of The Roommate Coach.

The Roommate Coach: "Don't Kick the Dog!" Episode 6

Monday, October 17 2016

The Roommate Coach talks about a common reason roommates frustrate each other.

The Roommate Coach: Dealing with Roommate Trouble Episode 5

Sunday, October 9 2016

The Roommate Coach discusses some ways to deal with roommate trouble.

The Roommate Coach: New Roommate, Part 2 / Episode 4

Monday, October 3 2016

Start things off right with a new roommate.

The Roommate Coach: New Roommate, Part 1 / Episode 3

Wednesday, September 28 2016

Start things off right with a new roommate.