What is Multigenerational shared housing?

This is a type of shared housing that has also been going on for quite some time and in recent years has become especially popular in places like France. I initially read about a very successful agency in France that brings younger people together with older people, usually homeowners, who want someone to live in their home, usually providing some kind of assistance in return for reduced or free rent.

I have since come to realize that many, perhaps most, cities of any size in this country usually have a similar kind of service available; many appear to be run by city or county governments. This is another type of operation that I intend to research more thoroughly, including interviews when possible, to get considerably more information about the operations. I get the impression that many of the agencies involved in this type of shared housing are emphasizing the seniors and in some cases the cost savings involved. The financial aspect for both parties appears to be emphasized more in this type of shared housing than in the others discussed earlier.

On the surface, it seems like almost an ideal situation for everybody involved: the senior citizen, in return for allowing someone to live in their house, would get the security, companionship, and at least in some cases some assistance from a younger person. The younger person would benefit from a place to live; since in many cases it would be in a home rather than in an apartment, chances are it would be a more comfortable place than many young people would be able to afford on their own.

Once again, however, this type of arrangement is only as good as the integrity and consideration and overall quality of the interaction between the parties involved. When you consider the age difference, the possibility of a younger and presumably stronger person being able to take advantage of an older person, unfortunately it seems that there are quite a few ways in which this kind of thing could go wrong. From what I have read, it appears the agencies that bring these people together in the first place put quite a bit of emphasis on background checking, testing for compatibility, and providing assistance after the fact to help make things work. I imagine the agencies are also available to deal with situations that just don't work by helping find new matches, for example.