Therapy helps a lot -- the outer as well as the inner

I was 26 years old, trying to figure out what to do with myself, and just beginning to comprehend the enormity of the mixed-up world in which I lived. It was almost 10 years since my own rather explosive parting of the ways from my chronically unhappy-and-unwilling-to-even-discuss-it family; I had rather naively assumed that once I got "out into the world" all would be well, or at least understandable.

Somebody gave me a copy of Nathaniel Branden's book The Disowned Self, written shortly after his professional and personal alliance with author / philosopher Ayn Rand ended dramatically.

I got into therapy with Nathaniel and wound up with an entirely new understanding of myself, the world around me, and how a dysfunctional society can create dysfunctional people who in turn support and continue the dysfunctional society.