Had to work on conflicts. But which ones?

My interest in psychological issues, especially as they relate to human interaction, remained strong and in fact became somewhat of a "subtext" for my technical work. I developed a reputation as a "techie" who somehow still "talked like a normal person," as one of my clients put it; this was a big help in dealing with people and coming up with ways to solve their problems using technology.

Conflict — large and small, local, regional, or global — has remained at the top of my interest list; as our civilization continues to deteriorate, my desire to apply some of the things I have come to understand has become more urgent than ever.

I have developed a good understanding of many of the reasons people disappoint or mistreat each other, resulting in endless friction and problems. As important as this is, however, what's even more important is the maddeningly obvious yet largely unanswered question: why do these problems continue? Everyone intuitively understands how to treat others well yet much of the time this is ignored.

My need — maybe “obsession” is more accurate — to understand and, hopefully, to do something about this disconnect between what most of us say we want and the conflict-ridden world we have created has led me to become The Roommate Coach. My goal? “World peace — one roommate at a time.”